Wonderful digital portrait illustrations made by Caroline Blanchet, an illustrator/graphic designer based in France.
More of Caroline's work via her behance page.

No matter how many layers of me, my mind has,
There will always be a part of you, that’s hiding underneath.

Amazing double exposure design made by Muhammed Faread, a graphic designer based in Seattle, Washington. 

Memory Clock is a clock to deepen family ties by keeping time and memories.
- It displays photos and videos on the same date they were taken each year.
- You can collect photos with smartphones and computers of family members.
- You can synchronize multiple units and share photos with family living apart.
- A day with no photos could be a good day to take family photos.
Memory Clock is a concept design jointly developed by Monom, a product innovation team and IMG SRC, a creative agency.

Incredible lamp designed by Okum, an industrial design brand based in Los Angeles, California.

via: MocoLoco

My series of digital paintings are surreal fantasy portraits of strong but flawed women. Moody characters caught in thoughtful poses from a place far away, and a time long ago. Their personalities are powerful and brooding, their hearts harboring equal amounts of both good and dark. Their spirits are wounded, but surviving. Scarred, but prospering. Beautiful, and ambitious.
The creation process is a combination of digital painting and photo manipulation using Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, and a Wacom Tablet. Although I do base the paintings on a lot of my own photography, I also have a lot of fun reaching out to other photographers, and using their work as reference as well. There's a mysterious sort of excitement in pursuing creativity through another person's eyes, and using other photographers work as reference really helps keep me inspired.

Amazing digital paintings by Justin Gedak, an artist based in Fraser Valley.
Connect with Justin Gedak via:

The process has been really simple. We shot all the images ourselves. Camera on tripod.
Wearing some of our favourite clothes. The clothes are a symbol of  uniform.
It is the love of photography that has brought us to this project. It is really about creating a visual
 and oral archive about twins and exploring the mythology around twins. 
Incredible visuals by South Africa based creative Carbon Copy, a collaboration between sisters Noncedo and Nonzuzo. 
Connect with Carbon Copy via their tumblr page.

Print edition of African Lens (volume1) is currently out now.
It has been a great experience and I would like to thank all the photographers again for being a part of the project.
African Lens is a publication featuring and celebrating African photographers both in the motherland and the diaspora. 

Featured Photographers:

Curated by Aaron Yeboah Jr.
Afterword by Julius Amedume 

*166 pages
*Softcover (8.3x11)

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Wonderful lettering designs made by Spain-based graphic designer Jota Erre.
The project was Jota Erre's contribution to 36days, a typography project curated 
by Rafa Goicoechea and Nina Sans that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists 
to give ​their particular view on the signs from our alphabet.