Founded in 2012, Uinverso serves as an idea to work and create beyond our standards.
Not to put any labels but to just to get an idea, what inspire us is the
whole universe and the universe in each person.
From the immensity of the cosmos to the macro of nature.
Moving out of orbit and into our own rhythm.
Beautiful works by Uinverso, a multidisciplinary project founded by 
creatives/sisters Nadiuska P. Furtado & Priscila Furtado. 

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Beautiful embroidery wall design made by Tripasai Architect,
 a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Bangkok, Thailand and Tokyo, Japan.

TOFU is a recipe book with hopes to inspire healthy eating, especially in our hectic daily life where fast and unhealthy food is so prevalent. An exploration into the relationship of healthier lifestyle through Tofu; based upon the central concepts of white and emptiness or “wu”, which can be traced to the Buddhist Zen and Daoism ideas.
 White addresses the notion of “purity” which resonates both the aspect of tofu’s natural color as well as a healthier diet. Emptiness represents the meditative process of returning to the most fundamental aspects physically (body) and spiritually (mind). Retuning our body back to “purity” and “peace” requires space, and in order to do so; everything is stripped down to the most essential elements.
 Tofu is not merely a healthier ingredient but can also viewed as a way of life. 
Beautiful book designed by Cheryl Chong, a design student from Singapore.

My artwork is inspired by fantasy, video games, cyberpunk aesthetic, movies I watched as a kid, architecture and character design.
I've been working on this style and technique (digital illustration) for about four years now and I am excited about all the possibilities it has brought to me. I am currently exploring different aesthetics and making the scope of my work more broad. 
Incredible artworks by Orion, an artist based in Mexico.

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Nice and simple stool designed by Lithuania-based student designer Austeja Platukyte.
More of Austeja Platukyte designs via her behance page.

Canadian artist Adam Lupton's gaze explores psychological and sociological struggles in modern society. Painting in oil, blurring lines between realism and expressionism helps Lupton probe the internal and external dialogue faced in his multi-directional narratives. His recent work pits moments of choice against the visualization of their outcomes: temporal planes coexisting on a singular surface. With the notion of quantum mechanics having every possible outcome to a situation realized in splintered universes, he paints figures with varied levels of connection to reality. To question our process of free will as well as our concepts of space, time, fate, and self; if every decision comes true in one parallel life or another, are we as free as we think we are?
Intriguing paintings by Canadian artist Adam Lupton.
Adam Lupton holds his Bachelors of Communication Design from Emily Carr University of
Art and Design, having graduated in 2010. He is currently completing his Masters of Fine Arts at the New York Academy of Art.

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Outstanding Ghost in the Shell poster made by Martin Ansin.
Purchase the limited edition poster via Mondo.

Exhibition Info:
Moniker Projects is proud to present ‘Aqua Regalia,’ the premier London solo exhibition with internationally acclaimed Contemporary artist, Faith47. Following an active street art career spanning more than fifteen years, her work can now be found in major cities around the world. Using a wide range of media, including graphite, spray paint, oil paint, ink, photography and collage, her approach is explorative and substrate appropriate – from found and rescued objects, to time-layered and history-textured city walls and their accretions, to studio prepared canvas and wood.
Aqua Regalia or ‘royal water’ is the alchemical name for a highly corrosive mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid that transmogrifies, dissolves and changes the most powerful substance – gold.
In Aqua Regalia, Faith embeds found and created objects in an enshrined space and thus, in a manner of the reliquary, pays homage to the sacramental within the ordinary. Torn up begging cards, betting sheets, discarded eviction notices suggest the fall-out of a lost struggle, while visions of supplicants insist upon the power of faith. Eclectic in its mash-up of art as fetish and art as rebooted trash object, it reprises the core question which drives the artist at odds with the cynical neo-liberal force at work today. Such affinities and discordances between hope and yearning seek to restore value and re-inscribe new meaning to the rejected, discarded, the lost or the overlooked.
The restoration of value to discarded things when combined with pictorial conjuring’s of some undivided divinity, suggest a schism between the knowable and the unknowable. Whether the divine resides inside the everyday, or whether it merely intimates an absent-presence. Ultimately it seems that we are dealing with a felt experience – part belief, part yearning.
Along with these found objects are pictorial representations of incarnated divinity: animals, sacred geometry and other symbols. The question is – does the experience attest to the power of things over and above the human apprehension of them, or if the experience compels us to reconsider the object as indivisibly connected to the divine? If the viewer remains unclear it is because this exhibition arrives at a point in history in which it has become impossible to decipher a future, interpret history, let alone grasp the present. By combining found objects and art- incarnate thoughts, Aqua Regalia presents an immersive experience as much as a viewing. In this sacred space, Faith47 asks us to reconsider, and feel the hidden embattled role of the spirit in a secular realm. 

Just got news of artist Faith47's solo exhibition in London titled Aqua Regalia.
Aqua Regalia is presented by Moniker Projects and it will run from  10th – 19th October 2014 / 11am to 7pm daily. 
The opening reception for the exhibition will be on 9th October 2014 / 6pm to 9pm. 
Gallery Location: 91 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL, United Kingdom.