2Dots Spotlight : Fasasha Interview

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In our modern era of Blogging Universe, there is no doubt there are millions of blogs.With Fashion blogs such as Kanye's blog, Hypebeast, Adeen Magazine and many others headlining around the web. Quietly there is someone who is creating a strong buzz and with a lot of creativity,originality and potential with unique style and personality, i see an Icon is born, Ladies and Gentlemen i present to you my interview with Natasha (Creator of Fasasha.com)

2dots-Who is Natasha

Fasasha-Natasha comes from a country in W.Africa called Ghana. She is passionate about fashion,photography,art and music.  

2dots-Who or What inspired you and what made you decide to do a blog?

Fasasha- Hmmmm, I decided to blog after reading several blogs like marcus troy’s,hypebeast, vashtie’s and being involved in street wear. When I was in Africa street wear was not around,it’s still not big down there so I decided to bring my passion and love to this blog from an African’s perspective. I knew I was always different,had my own style so I thought I would share it with the world. I felt like there were other people in the world who were like me and absolutely blended the masculine and feminine styles together,also known as androgyny. 

2dots-With millions of blogs esp for fashion, what makes your blog stand out and different from other blogs. What does your blog represent? 

Fasasha-Oh yes,millions of blogs out there but when I started blogging i didn’t give a fuck who read my blog.To me it represented my passion for men’s clothing and it was kind of an escape route for me. My blog represents my love for both fashion genre’s, especially men’s clothing.i love mens wear. Why? I grew up with all boys in the family. An extra dapper dad,a cool calm brother and a bunch of male cousins. My dad especially loved  his designer clothes. At age 7,i knew who Christian Dior ,Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein were. My dad made sure he looked his best every time he went out and his last details meant everything to him. That’s how my love for menswear began. I wore denim jackets and combat boots at the age of 9 and this was in Africa so you can imagine, it was pure bliss for me. From that experience, I know how a gentleman should look like, that’s what my blog represents.

2dots-What kind of music are you in to and who is your all time favorite artist?

Fasasha-Music,i’m into hip hop/rap,both are the same to me,lol,rnb,and I love  Neo soul. All time greatest will have to be Jay-z. Why? He was able to conquer the hip hop music scene and win the hearts of the white folks, in other words he became the chosen one. Endorsement deals,clothing lines,basketball teams,clubs,real estate, he just earns white boy money now.It’s hard to cross over your own culture and be accepted into another culture whilst staying true to your race. He is the perfect example of a hustler and entrepreneur. He represents the black race exceptionally. He’s the coolest apart from Obama.Oh and he still makes No.1 Albums after 10 or so years? I mean rapper does that?lol

2dots-What is on your playlist now..top 5 favs on your list

Fasasha-Sade-by your side, Wiz Khalifah-Black and yellow, Jay-z-some how some way,kanye west-monster and I’m currently into fantasia’s move on me(put the drama aside,this song is dope)

2dots-Who do you think is hot in the music scene right now

Fasasha-Drake because the ladies love him and you will always win when you have us in your corner. Like he said,i love that he made it without a record deal. His mix tape was nominated for a grammy,has that ever been done? I doubt it. He’s not the best lyricist but he definitely has heads turning.

2dots- Back to fashion, what is your style of fashion

Fasasha- Androgyny, I blend the male and female aspects of fashion and try to make it my own.

2dots-Who is your favorite designer and why

Fasasha-I don’t have a particular favorite but if I have to pick one that encompasses everything and all around, it would have to be Ralph Lauren. Classy and timeless pieces. I’m in love with his Rugby line and Black Label. I think his Purple Label is perfect for any gentleman as well.

2dots-Do you prefer trendy fashion or the other way round

Fasasha-The other way around, I hate trends.

2dots-In your opinion what makes a person a true fashion guru or icon

Fasasha-Staying true to yourself and not giving a damn what other people think.That’s why I consider Kanye West a true fashion icon.He’s been called gay alot of times but the same people who called him gay turned around and started wearing his shit. Pharrell happens to be one as well, he doesn’t care what he wears,his color palette is crazy,he would orange against green and next thing you have these kids wearing the same thing.lol

2dots-What was the last great movie you saw

Fasasha- The Town.Ben Affleck was amazing plus he’s definitely going to be turning heads with his directing skills.

2dots-Whats next for you and where do you see your self in 10yrs? is there something you would like to achieve or do.  

Fasasha-I would love to see Fasasha grow, with readers and also identifying people who have the same passion for what I love,especially the androgynous females out there. In 10 years,i see myself being a great nurse or nurse practitioner. I would practice for 6 months out of the year and then the rest of the 6 would be for traveling,fashion shows and blogging. Possibly with a family as well. 

2dots-What should readers expect..any last words 

Fasasha-I want my readers to grow with me,expect better posts,photography and fashion. I’ve been asked by friends to start a fashion line, if I decide to jump into that I hope they will be there as well.
Thanks for the opportunity Aaron, I wish you all the best in your endeavors and hopefully we can collaborate on something one day.