Interview with Creative Director & illustrator Alberto Russo

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Ever since i came across Alberto Russo's amazing illustrations, i have been on track of his work  and i am glad i did. I had the opportunity to interview him, here is what we talked about :  

2dots-Can you give readers a brief background information and a little about your self.

AR- I'm an italian graphic designer and illustrator based in Lausanne, Switzerland. I created my own design agency in 2000 and I'm really focusing on my illustration work since 2009.

2dots-When did you venture in the art world?

AR-I always drew, but I started to paint graffiti in 1990-91. It was a great starting point.

2dots-Obviously there are a lot of different styles/approach and fields in the Art world, which one do you do and can you describe your style
AR-After fifteen years doing graphic design and twenty doing graffiti, I think my own style is somewhere between these two worlds. I'm certainly more focused yet on "faces" works and really love to mix traditional and digital mediums.

2dots-Do you have any inspirations from artists or what inspires your work?

AR-A lot of artists and things inspire me every day. Daily works on the Behance Platform or other Artists blogs are a great source of inspiration,but my two daughters' drawings too sometimes. I love the works of Masters like Frank Frazetta, Norman Rockwell or Sebastian Kr├╝ger and many, many others.

2dots-In your opinion what is a quality artwork and how is your work different from other artists?

AR-For me a quality artwork is a work full of energy and style. But certainly a work which speaks itself without comment of the artist. If I must read an entire book to understand "why" an illustration is great, I find that boring. Regarding my work, I have a lot of different styles (I'm always exploring myself), so my own work is already different from me.
2dots-What is your take on the traditional approach of art making vs digital art making. 

AR- I love traditional work. But I hate people who are afraid of technology. I mix my work with both and really love what we can do with new techniques. Digital or not. Remember: your computer loves you! 

2dots-Residing in Switzerland, how does Switzerland as a whole or your surroundings influence your work?

AR-There are many great designers in Switzerland and it' a small country. But not a lot of work as illustrator,so I try to focus on the rest of the world.

2dots-Do you have a different approach when processing a work for a client as well as your personal work?

AR-No I keep the same approach. But naturally when I'm free to develop what I want, I spend more time on the work.

2dots-Your personal portfolio have a lot of musicians, how do you incorporate music into arts?

AR-I have done a lot of CD Covers for Swiss music artists since 2000. I really love to create artwork where we can feel the music and the vibrations. It's a great challenge to put the energy and the movement in a static illustration.
2dots-How do you define creativity and what does it mean to you?

AR-To develop and give life to a new idea with my own technique.

2dots-What is the highest achievement you have yet and do you have unfulfilled dreams?

AR-My two daughters. Aside from that I really wish to have the chance to do my artwork for a long time.

2dots-Do you have any advice for beginning artists?

AR-When you're tired and people around you ask you why you are doing that? Just smile, continue and say to them that's because you are having fun.

2dots-Any Current Project you are working on that you want readers to draw attention to?

AR-I'm working on new pieces for a gallery and on a book with my artwork for the end of 2011. More information at 

Thank you!