Interview With Interior Designer Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov

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Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov intrigued me with his masterpiece concept design Change It Wall. I later discovered he has more amazing  creative designs in his vault and i when i had the chance to interview him, i discovered more interesting stuff, with no further ado here is what we talked about.

2dots-Can you tell readers a bit about yourself.

AA-I am 24 years old Russian interior designer currently living in Moscow.

2dots-Did you know from childhood you wanted to be a designer?.

AA-Actually I did not think about what I wanted to do in a future when i was a child I just enjoyed my childhood.

2dots-Which is more challenging to you, designing a concept or bringing a project into reality.

AA-Of course the most important thing is the concept.To create something that is not existing is very very difficult.

2dots-How did the Change it Wall come about?

AA-I used to paint my walls in my room very often because as you know all creative people do that. So one day I painted them in red because I was in love and the next day when the love for red was gone what to do i do?, go to the shop and buy a black paint (smiles)  So it is very complicated and needed a lot of money to do it. That is how this idea was born.

2dots-What is the status now, i know you are working on making it a reality.

AA-To bring a concept to reality is more complicated as I thought, especially when it is going to be a mass market product. Now I am working on a prototype and when it is ready i will try to find investors.

2dots-How do you define Creativity.

AA-I think Wikipedia will give you the answer (smiles).

2dots-What is the most important key factor to you when you are designing.

AA-Understand the problem and client need.

2dots-What inspires the core creativity of your designs.

AA-The unsolved problems.

2dots-Do you have a standard creation approach or different approach for each project.

AA-It s always the same approach.

2dots-How do you feel when your work come to reality, if am correct the guitar store is.

AA-No. It is just a concept.

2dots-Aside from designing what else are you in to.

AA-I am a guitar player and I have a band, that is my second passion.

2dots-Describe how your ideal space will look like.

AA-It is functional. less furniture. clean. neat. minimalistic. Actually all i need just a good kitchen,computer and bed (laughs).

2dots-Is there something you dream to design in future.

AA-I really want to design universal church for all religions.

2dots-What is the best thing you like about what you do.

AA-I do not know (laughs) I just do what I want to do

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