Art + Commentary : Bright Tetteh Ackwerh

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It is a pleasure to announce a new 2dots section, Art + Commentary. This section will be a platform for creative individuals to talk about their respective work. 
My first contributor is Ghanaian artist, Bright Tetteh Ackwerh.
I was marveled and intrigued with the wonderful collection of art made by Bright Tetteh Ackwerh via his facebook page , with so much talent and skills i just felt the urge to dig deep and find out more. Thankfully he agreed to talk about the creative process and ideas behind his art and craft.

The piece signifies the concept of heritage and how a child becomes a new hope for transmitting culture. 
The child depicted here shows a boisterous facial expression to show the pride of finally mastering the dance, which signifies the whole lifestyle of his teacher parents who are shown in the 
background dictating the rhythm for the movement.

The illustration with the soldiers is a watercolour illustration I executed for Echo magazine, a publication in Kwame Nkrumah Unversity and University of Ghana,Legon. It was to comment on a proposed national policy to post graduates to do their national service in the national security agencies and the military.

The collection of clay ware are pieces executed with two other friends for an internship program
 at the ceramics studio of the centre for national culture at Accra. 
They are the results of basic throwing assignments.

This is a pen sketch of another live model class in school. 
The technique is gestural and is a skill for warming up before we do more concentrated work. 
Notice the figures captured in the background, members of the same class in the studio. 
We usually have to surround the model so we can capture her from varying angles.

This piece was done live as part of a school assignment on figure painting lessons. 
The live class session can be very frustrating session for any artist 
especially if they have not had much exposure to the experience of a nude model posing in front of them. 
It is oil paints on canvas and the work is currently lost, allegedly stolen from the studio by another artist.
It is actually one of five similar paintings that have met the same fate.

This piece is a portrait of a lady called Velma Anim, wife to Fred Ebeneku Anim. 
It’s in pencils and executed on sovereign matt paper. 
The finished piece was framed in glass and wood and is at the residence of the fore mentioned couple. 
To do a piece like this, the basic sketch is laid down and the graphite in the pencil is ground to form a fine powder 
which is then rubbed unto the paper using a touchon or a piece of sponge. 
Finishing is then rendered with pencils of different grades. 
A portrait like this costs from 70 to 100cedis depending on the size and other contributing factors.

This piece is a result of a composition of photos from a friend photographer called Kwame Pocho. 
It’s executed in acrylics on canvas and was submitted as an assignment for a painting class in school. 

This piece is another one of the stolen pieces, also oil on canvas, posed by a live nude model called “Madina”. 
The colour scheme here is more subjective. It was also an assignment for school and my instructor had advised to try using wilder colours than the normal palette.

Bright Tetteh Ackwherh's Facebook page

Contact Number -   +233208953014