Interview with Alexandre ''Osmoze'' Brakha

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Bringing to life Koralie & Supakitch 's characters in an amazing and creative way,which i posted here, it was my mission to uncover more from the mastermind behind the creative video. I am delighted to share my interview with Montreal, Canada based Alexandre Brakha also known as "Osmoze", an incredible all talent director,animator,author,art director and more.

2dots- Can you tell readers a bit about yourself?

AOM-I'm director, author and art director specialized in animation. I like cinema, music and art in general but it is not really original for a director, i really love sneakers.

2dots-How would you describe your style of work?

AOM-I dont know exactly but i try to create what i want, without rules, without restraints. After i get an idea,i  try to put it on paper or my computer screen. I also try to find inspiration all around me from movies, music, people, life, etc

Screenshots from Romance in Plastic Minor Video
2dots-Personally, Romance in Plastic Minor is on top of my creative videos list,How did romance in plastic minor video come about? and in terms of art direction what made you go on that route?

AOM- I wanted to do a movie collaboration with Koralie and Supakitch and i thought of what i can say about them and i immediately thought about this love story and the inspiration came.

2dots -How was it like bringing a mural in a life form and what was your biggest challenge?

AOM- The biggest challenge was to give life to the characters, because they are really complex in their simplicity. The vectorial designs of Koralie and Supakitch  are really rich in details. Finding where we need to simplify and where we can keep details was challenging.

2dots-What is your creation process or work flow like when working on a project?

AOM- First, i try to write something that everyone can read and understand. After that, i do a little storyboard, then the sketch version of it, for me it is the best part of the job because i find my direction with it. Finally, (almost) i prepare the elements to work. I like the last part of the work too, which is editing.

2dots- How different is it working for clients compared to working on your own original project?

AOM- Working for a client is difficult at the beginning, mainly the pre-production, because you need to find the good idea that you will have fun and which will be perfect fit for the job. It is not always possible but you have to be an optimist and try to do it. Working on personal project is easy at the beginning but you need to find time to do it and it is not always possible too. This is for me is the difference between them. But creation is the most important thing for me.

2dots-What is your favorite medium of technology now?

AOM- I love After Effect to do animation and motion but my favorite software is Illustrator.

2dots- Upon all your works which one is the most remarkable to you?

AOM- Not remarkable but important to me. It is the Super Tomate teaser for Shoot the Boss (Paris),  because i did  my all on it and because it is the project in which i started full other projects and i met a lot of people in the animation industry as well.

2dots- In your opinion what is creativity and how important is art and creativity to you ?

AOM-Creativity is the fact to express your idea. And what is it for me ? Just four words : It is my life

2dots- How do you enlighten yourself to carry on all the different project you do?

AOM - I just try to do my best to express what i think and try to give sensation to people.

2dots-What is the vision of your creative studio, Pink Rabbit Corp?

AOM- Pink Rabbit Corp is my project, always in progress, it  me, myself and i . My vision is simple, have fun in your life and stay true to your ideas.

2dots - Love your artistic and cinematic direction for BackStab trailer, putting together the pieces of the story in a flashback form while the action was still going on, all of this in a short time frame. How did that come about ?

AOM- BackStab was a command i tried to fit with the script of the video game to find why the character wants to have his revenge. The idea of the fashback was necessary to explain in a short time all of these elements. I did other versions of the script for the trailer, clients do not always share the same opinion with me and they do not always understand what directors want to do.

2dots-With your expertise in animation, character design, art direction, directing, writing, graphic designing and many more, in your bio you stated you are developing your thirst for creativity and art, what is next for you, any unfulfilled dreams ?

AOM - I really want to do a full movie, for me it is my next career step.

2dots- What do you like most about what you do?

AOM- Having ideas and trying to express them, whatever they are.

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