Interview with Povilas 'Paul' Danius

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Today i am glad to share my interview i did with Lithuania based architect/designer and graphic artist Povilas 'Paul' Danius.We talked about various topics on design,inspirations,his creator owned project Match-Box,his passion for coffee and more. Enjoy!

2dots - Can you tell readers a bit about yourself and what you do.

PD - My name is Paul, I am an architect, designer and graphic artist from Lithuania. In 2007, I received a Master's degree in architecture, but i have been working in the architect firm since 2004. Both my parents are architects, that influenced the choice of my profession,although there have been discussions about joining military, however, a passion for creativity prevailed.

2dots - How does living in Lithuania influence your work?

PD-In fact, life in Lithuania strongly influence my work. You have probably noticed, there is a lot of wood in my projects, and wood dominates in Lithuanian folk art.  Here I find leverage and foundation for my creations, it becomes self-sustaining.

When I was a child, my parents (both architects as well) used to take me to exhibitions and folk art museum,these have a large impact on my current works.
Also, my country is very green, very beautiful here in spring and summer when everything is blooming, the forests is super green. This obliges me to remember ecology too. 

2dots - I find the idea and concept of Light bench incredible, what inspired you to do light bench.

PD-Inspiration came naturally. I think i remember my self kissing a beloved girl at a dark corner of the park on a bench. Imagine that you take your girl to the park,you turn the knob a few times and the bench lights.

You sit on it, along with kissing your girl. Now try to imagine how wonderful it would look,a park full of Light Benches in late summer night.
The Light Bench is made from concrete, steel, plexiglass, and some electronics. I think it's cheaper some cases, huge lights burn all night.

2dots - What has been your biggest challenge so far.

PD - Making TallLight with my own hands. I waited a while to find someone, who could help me in this matter to produce TallLight. Eventually I decided to do it myself. I wish it could have been constructed in a high-quality, long-lasting, with love to details.

2dots - What is an important factor in designing/architecture that matters to you most.

PD - I think the leading idea, or otherwise - concept. Buildings without a face is usually born without the ideas, concept, design indulgent by commercial factors. Such buildings quickly die off, has no lasting value.
Yet very important factor is a building's relationship with the environment - context. Sometimes, the environment is chaotic or uninteresting and building has to have confidence to decorate it, to stand out, but sometimes the environment is very strong and the building should not interfere with, or at least complement it. And this all starts with ideas.

2dots - Which of your designs is the most remarkable to you and why.

PD - Grandfather's bicycle. Admittedly, this is only a virtual bicycle, and more of an art than piece of engineering work, but I surprised myself. I created this bicycle  in a couple of hours early on Monday morning, while drinking  a coffee. Named this bike 'grandfathers bicycle” because I remember my grandfather (a perpetual Atila) used to repair my bike.

2dots - Can you tell readers about your project matchbox.

PD - In February 2011, I started a project called "Match-Box - a laboratory of ideas." Each of my work or sketch - is a match, it is a potential product or project, which is the content of the box of matches. If we will spark all matches together, we get a very strong fire of creativity.

Being an architect, I felt constrained in the profession, so with this project I was able to fully realize my potential, and meet more challenge.
Currently Match-Box is in the child stages and still growing. I have big plans for the future, I want to reinforce the architectural side of the project - to cost-efficient and green buildings and furniture for small spaces. I have a lots of ideas but i am one in a team. It is hard to keep up, but I'm working hard because I am in a creative euphoria.

2dots - As a designer how do you define creativity.

PD - Inspiration and mood. True, you also need some kind of base, which is built in the long nights of hard work and insomnia.
Sometimes I sit down to work I can not think of anything good, but sometimes it explodes. I think creativity is a set of factors. If you pick someone with some skills, like drawing, a pleasant experience and working atmosphere, you are likely to get a fun and sustainable product. 
If one of these factors does not exist, you will have a man sitting at work all day and staring out the window.

2dots - What else are you passionate about.

PD - As a child I loved dinosaurs and space.
Now I love coffee. I love cooking and I am doing this very well. I have very small puppy. 

I love picnic in the the park or on the seashore, having a wine and cheese.
Many have seen my work are surprised when they learn that I like militarism. I am a paradoxical man. I think this is a balance to my creations. Sometimes this allows me to get away and relax from work. 

2dots - What are your source of inspirations.

PD - A lot , it would be difficult to define,the idea just gets into my mind. Usually i have one already, i hear the task and I can not tell the source of inspirations. Sometimes I wake up in the morning thinking what is my work today, sometimes, all day impressions of surfing the internet gives me a product.
I have a desire to life, or at what surrounds us, and want to make it more beautiful and more sustainable.

2dots - What is your perfect working mode like.

PD - I like to get up early in the morning, when many still are asleep. 
After my breakfast, I sit at my work desk with a cup of coffee and i admire the morning mist and the wind turbines through a window.
My first few hours of work are very productive. The morning is the foundation for the entire working day.

2dots- Favorite medium of technology or gadget now.

PD - I am not dependent on a particular brand name, like many artists of this time, which I think is just posturing. Smart phones, I also do not use. Everything I need to work is my simple desktop computer. Also there are always two powerful speakers with an amplifier. For inspiration.

2dots - Favorite designers or architects that inspire you.

PD - I do not have any particular one. If there is, then only for a short period of time. Usually, I like only one or two specific works, all the others is annoying me for some reason.
But I like the work of young artists i find on "Behance". The website is a very good source of inspiration. Their ideas are always bold,fresh and intact of the realities of life in communication with construction workers, manufacturers and vendors. 

2dots - Is there something you dream to design in future.

PD - Yes. I even have two dreams. To design my self a home which would be made of used cargo containers with green furniture inside.
I also want to design a ship or yacht. Although I am not a good swimmer, I had a great impact living near the sea. For a long time as a child, I had vacations on the Curonian Spit, Lithuania’s most beautiful resort. I have enjoyed monitoring the white sails of sailboats in the Lagoon. These are vivid memories. Lacquered white deck and sails - aesthetics and symbol of freedom.

2dots - What do you like most about what you do.

PD - I like that i am my own boss. I receive a lot of support and people are increasingly interested in my work. It means that I have friends around the world that are like-minded and the same world awareness like me. After all, it is an honor for every artist to be recognized by people.

PS : I was fortunate enough to receive an attached 2dots logo designed Paul as a little token. Definitely 2dots approved :)