Interview with illustrator Olka Osadzinska

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Pleased to present my interview i had with illustrator,Olka Osadzinska.Specializing in fashion illustration, Olka delivers a unique vibe and energy in her illustrations. Already having a feature on 2dots spotlight section, i had the pleasure to feature Olka again in a very interesting interview on her personal style,work, fashion, her country Poland and more. Enjoy!

2dots : Can you please tell readers a bit about your self and what you do.

Olka : I’m an illustrator. I’m currently based in Berlin, but I live and work in Warsaw. I draw girls and fashion. I love shopping.

2dots : When did you venture into the art-world.

Olka : Did I at all? (smiles). I think it’s a process, I wouldn't be able to say when it happened.
It’s still happening.

2dots : Most of your work is fashion illustration, is it a personal choice of yours or just client based work.

Olka : It’s a personal choice. Since this is what I do and this is my personal style, most of the commissions I get are related to fashion,or at least they have this fashion vibe. I’m lucky having clients that recognize and appreciate my style. They don’t expect I will suddenly do something completely different. Though, sometimes it would be cool if they did.

2dots : Do you input your personal fashion into your work.

Olka : Yes and no. I input what I like. I don’t draw clothes I don’t like. I spend hours looking through all the shows and collections, street style and fashion blogs etc. I have a huge archive of fashion moments and
things I like. I love all the exciting color mixes and things people can wear, but these are the things I like visually. I wouldn’t wear them myself. I wear monochrome. Black, navy blue, gray. I very rarely
have more than 3 colors, and that’s including shoes, bags, and jewelry (smiles). That would be a very plain and boring drawing.

2dots : Reading your bio, you organized the first and most successful art fair in Warsaw, How does it feel carrying the torch of the arts aspect in Poland.

Olka : I really don’t think I do that. What I do is to try to sell things. Show things to people who are willing to spend their money on generic paintings from Ikea, when they can have a unique art piece, that no
one else will have for the same money, it is not exactly what art is about.

2dots : How is the art aspect of Poland like and how do Poland as a country influence your work.

Olka : I feel very connected to Poland. It’s a love-hate relationship, but it’s strong. This is my country, this is where I’m from. It’s not visible in my work, but it’s a crucial thing to what I think about aesthetics and culture. There is a wide ongoing discussion about Polish art scene. I think we are getting back on track. Check out Wilhelm Sasnal, Miroslaw Balka, Paulina Olowska, Tomasz Walenta and the young guys: Jan Dziaczkowski, Tymek Jezierski, Bartek Arobal, Ola Niepsuj. There is so much going on now. Poland is cool.

2dots : Favorite spot in Warsaw (Poland).

Olka : Relaks for the best coffee, U Kucharzy for a dinner and the best steak tartar IN THE WORLD, and Warszawa Powisle for a drink.

2dots : What do you find unique about fashion illustration?

Olka : The moment. Fashion is now, as Rei Kawakubo said. Fashion is now and fashion illustration is now. It’s all about the moment.

2dots : What else are you passionate about besides arts?

Olka : Fashion. Literature. Film. Nail polish colors (smiles).

2dots : In your opinion how will you define creativity

Olka : I think creativity is about feeling the urge to do things. This is how it starts.

2dots : What can we expect from Olka in the future? any current projects.

Olka : Loads of projects! Most of them I can’t talk about yet. But there is going be a lot of fashion. Watch out for the AW 2012 season. You’ll see me around-the-world (smiles)

2dots : What do you like most about what you do.

Olka : Being home alone! And I’m serious about that one (smiles)

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