Interview with Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr.

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To Celebrate the release of Kees excellent work on Cinema 2011, here is my interview with Kees on his film projects, passion for films,early film experience,creativity, and more. Enjoy!

Can you please tell readers a bit about yourself and what you do?

I'm Kees, 18 years old and attending the dutch film & television academy. I thought I wouldn't get in so I came up with this series called [the films of] to fill my time, which was also to add some classics to a criminally Hollywood-dominated watch list and gain some knowledge about some of my favorite directors.

Besides how great you edit and cut your work, much passion can be seen in all your work,when did your interest in films start and what is your earliest great film experience?

I think I was at a very young age, my father had this video camera and I used to make shows with a friend of mine (which included a biscuit with a face). I've always been interested in film as well, I used to be glued to the television when I was young. The first actual motion picture 'experience' would have to be Napoleon, which was about this dog who flies to Africa. Brilliant.

How do you pick the scenes and special moments for the films of series and cinema series.

Before I start browsing, I think about what I need. It's easy to start browsing and just pick shots that might work, but in the end it's much more rewarding to approach it more like shooting a film and think 'what would I need to make this cool' rather than going 'oh, this is cool, this might work'. It's mostly just intuition, though, I try to find shots that work when pulled out of context, so they need to be visually striking but also contain material that would make it more than just interesting to look at.

What is the creative process like and what is the average time you spend on a project.

The creative process is often slow, I can't force myself to finish projects and if I do, it really shows. I gain a lot of inspiration from watching the films and listening to new music to go along with it. I average about 20 hours on a project, without watching the films and doing the research.

In your opinion how will you define creativity

Wow.. I think creativity is something along the lines of the need to express yourself in an original way and not finding any other way to gain that satisfaction. If I have an idea, I just need to see if it works or not, I can't just let that idea go to waste. So it's a very demanding thing, but if you use it right incredibly rewarding.

Besides films what else are you passionate about 

I really like music, art, photography, anything that's done with a lot of passion, really. I mean a crazy drawing on a wall somewhere can really make my day, because it testifies that somewhere along those hundred people I see everyday, there's another crazy person like me.

Last great movie you have seen.

I just saw A.I.: Artificial Intelligence for [the films of] Steven Spielberg. I cried like a baby! God!

Top 3 visually inspiring movies.

I don't do the 'top'-thing but the first few that come to mind: Scott Pilgrim, Melancholia, The Darjeeling Limited, Sunshine.

Top 3 directors/film visionaries.

I think Wes Anderson, Danny Boyle and Christopher Nolan. All for different reasons.

Any unfulfilled dreams you would like to share?

 I've always wanted to be part of a project that really makes an impact on people. Like on how they see the world or something like that.

What do you like most about what you do.

That moment when I'm not entirely sure whether I made something cool, and then the first few 'likes' and comments start pouring in. That's just a fantastic moment every time.


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