Personal Project : Tree Watch Concept

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Time is endless just like the livelihood of the tree, as time progresses its growth surpasses the boundaries and creates it own space with every extending branch just like we have the possibility to create our own longevity through merging the time we have, learning from the time we've lost, and embracing the time we have yet to know of all first through a glance on our wrist wear we face..the face of time.

One of the most important essentials in my life is time, and i am always into cool and creative watches. I always have ideas and concepts but never got the time to really focus on them until a Japanese watch company opened its platform for ideas and concepts from the public, i decided to take my ideas further and enter the competition. 
Inspired by the basics of life and nature, i visioned a time device based on a tree, with the branches and the roots telling time.I made rough sketches and all was left to do was to make a 3d model. I reached out to my good friend Kofi Opoku-Ansah, an aspiring VFX 3D artist and he agreed to make the concept. After numerous emails of creative ideas we finally came up with the final concept and submitted the design to the watch company. Designing the tree watch was fun and a great learning experience..hopefully it gets picked up by the company.

Aaron Yeboah Jr