Interview with Kimberly Bicknese

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I had the opportunity to interview a talented young artist,Kimberly Bicknese. On this interview,we talked about her work, passion for arts and music,creativity and more. Enjoy!

Can you tell readers a bit about yourself and what you do?

Hello everyone! I’m Kim and I’m currently a college student majoring in art. I love illustrating concepts and stories, and so someday I hope to become an illustrator for books, CD covers, posters, etc. Aside from art, I love writing novels (or at least trying), web-designing, playing piano, herding my goldfish minions, and cuddling with my cats.

When did your interest in art start?

Since kindergarden, I have always loved doodling with crayons, just like every other little kid, but my interest in art did not fully bloom until I was in junior high.

Artistically how have you grown compared to when you first started to now?

Looking back at my old drawings from middle school (which were very very very bad), I can say that I’ve actually grown quite a bit. When I was younger, I used to draw anime (Japanese cartoons) because one of my good friends introduced me to the realm of anime. I was so inspired by these cartoons that I’ve never seen before that I began drawing nothing but anime. My anime characters were nothing special - they were ugly distortions of people that included ridiculously huge eyes, huge heads, impossibly skinny bodies, and choppy hair. 

I always cringe looking back at them. After a while, I finally converted to a more realistic, yet still illustrative style, and as of now, I’m still trying to perfect my style.

Your work depicts various aspects of LIFE , what do you think is the power of illustration and what do you try to communicate with your art?

Illustration and any other type of art conveys strong emotions, stories, and ideas that sometimes words alone can’t express, which is what I like about it. Everyone who looks at a piece of work all have their own interpretation of what it means and what it’s trying to say, and I think it’s very wonderful that art can do such a thing. 

With my work, I like to express emotion and have the viewer somehow connect with it and maybe think about what all the elements in the image mean. I like putting symbolism in the colors I choose, in body language, and anything else that appears on the image.

Most important factor to you when working on a project.

Composition. The image has to be composed nicely and weave all elements together.

Your work involves digital art,photography,drawing and more and you are as well a student aspiring to be an illustrator/author , what keeps you motivated for all the different projects you do?

I often like to look at the amazing work of others in order to keep myself motivated, whether it be children’s book illustrations or the interesting fantasy and sci-fi art on Magic cards. By doing so, I’ll work even harder so that I can someday be as good or even better than those artists. For writing, I visit book stores, smell fresh, unopened pages of books (I love the smell of paper), and read books in order to gather more ideas or analyze how the author uses language to paint a scene. I say to myself whenever in a bookstore, “Someday, my novel will be bound in a nice book with an awesome cover and will selling on these shelves.”

Reading your bio i discovered you have a passion for music and you compose your own music, will there be any personal music project from you in the near future?

I love music, playing music, and composing my own songs. In the past, before I went to college, I would always compose music on the piano, my guitar, or in software such as Finale. But, unfortunately, I don’t plan to compose anything else in the future. I’ve just been so busy these days that I don’t have time for it anymore.

What is your perfect working mode like?

I work best when a bowl of ice cream’s sitting next to me, when inspiring music is blaring through headphones, when I just took a shower, and when it’s mid afternoon! Of course, some of these stipulations are never met, so I just work whenever I feel inspired.

Top 3 visually inspiring movies.

Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Whisper of the Heart - basically anything created by Miyazaki. Everything about his movies - the backgrounds, the characters, the story - is so inspiring and breathtaking.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity means to me solving a problem in an artistic and expressive manner. 

What do you like most about what you do? 

I love bringing abstract ideas and nonexistent worlds to life on paper, whether it be my own idea or a client’s.



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