Interview with Naoki Ono (YOY Design Studio )

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Pleasure to present my interview with a brilliant designer from Tokyo, Naoki Ono, one half of YOY, a creative unit founded by Naoki and his friend Yuki Yamamoto. They are the mastermind behind PEEL,a one of a kind wall lamp design with a brilliant surprise element. Naoki gave an insight on YOY's vision and work,creativity, plus more. Enjoy!

Can you please tell readers a bit about yourself and what you do.

YOY is a design unit based in Tokyo since 2011 by Naoki Ono, a space designer, and Yuuki Yamamoto, a product designer.

Was it always your dream to become a designer? 

Yes. We both wanted to be designers since we were high school students.

What is the genesis of YOY?

We first met in Tokyo through a common friend in 2008. After several months we both came to Tokyo to start working after we graduated from college. Then we traveled together to Milan for Salone Internazionale del Mobile, after that we talked a lot about design and started YOY.

What is the core vision of YOY?

Our theme is to create a new story between a space and products, in which we can expand the possibility of product design.

Most important factor when working on a project.

If the idea we have is innovative and easy to be understood.

Your works are full of imaginations and surprise elements, is there a reason for that creative direction?

We always make ideas first and then research on how to bring the ideas to life. When we select ideas we follow the points below :
-Is it a product to affect on a space?
-Is it simple enough to be understood by the ordinary person?
-Is it innovative or new to the world?

Most challenging project so far.

PEEL, wall lamp.
One difficulty is the cost of developing OLED as an ideal shape.
We are now searching for a producer.

Besides design what else are you guys passionate about?

Words. We think it is very important to make people feel the story behind our products.

Favorite spot in Tokyo.


How will you define creativity?

The things you create that can impress people or not.

What do you like most about what you do?

Thinking new ideas.