Interview with Bianca Green

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I had the pleasure to interview the wonderful artist, Bianca Green. I became a fan the moment i laid eyes on her beautiful and colorful work . Featured her work, and was lucky enough to talk to her and uncovered more.  In our interview, we talked about her work,creative process,her love for travel and more interesting topics. Enjoy!

When was your starting point as an artist and how have you grown and evolved.

My mom keeps telling me that I was an artist before I could speak or walk. I say, it really all started when I moved to Uruguay in 2010. I had so much time for myself and just started creating.. no intentions, no pressure, just the pleasure of doing it. I posted my works to my blog, and that's where people started to appreciate and ask where to buy it.
The realization of the very first pieces are raw. I had created a style for myself but the technique was in baby shoes. If you compare them to today, there are worlds inbetween, because I have learned so so much along the way. And that didn't stop. I am evolving everyday. You always learn something new that will improve your work.

Reading your bio, you were born in Rio de Janeiro, went to school in Germany, lived also in San Francisco and now in Uruguay. How has the exposure to different cultures and people influenced you as an artist and individual?

..and back to living in Berlin, Germany right now! I think these places have made me who I am. My personality and my art. It's a natural process to be shaped by the places you see, people you meet and cultures you experience. That's why I always preach to people that traveling is the best way to find out who you are and what you want. The thing with me is mostly the feeling of experiencing something new. Whenever I get on a plane and get to be some place different, I already feel inspired. If you look at my work you will find little pieces of all the places I have been. You will see that I have changed after leaving a place behind and that the new piece either smells like the place I am in, or looks like a memory I am holding on to. So I would say it has been wonderful traveling as much as I did, and I hope it will continue that way.

Most challenging project so far.

My latest, "DEER FRIDA". Not only because it has many details that needed a lot of patience, but the most challenging part was to get my vision on the screen. I felt like I was working into unknown, because I had a picture in my head, but it didn't include any details. So I was working on it for days, and every day the piece turned into a different direction. One I didn't expected - but liked. So it was an interesting process of being unsure about how it will look like, to end up being one of my favorites right now.

Your works are very detailed oriented. What is your creation process like and the average time you spend on a project?

It is different every time. Some pieces don't look like it but they took me 2 weeks to finish, some look very complicated but I did them in a day. It also depends on how clear your vision is. Like I mentioned before with "DEER FRIDA", if you don't know what it's supposed to look like in the end, which is the most common case, it takes you longer to play around and make mistakes. But that's the most fun part about creating..being a kid and playing around until you like what you see. 

What is the most important factor to you when working on a project?

That I am in the mood for it. If I have any pressure or a deadline, or a client with a specific vision, I have a hard time enjoying working on it. If I am working for myself, like most of the time, I enjoy the process of creating, with good music, good food and being alone. There are days where your body wants to work but your mind doesn't. Or the other way around. And since the work I do is mostly for myself, I can take my time to be in that mood to create. I couldn't force it just has to feel right.

What do you try to communicate through your art?

I never think about what I am communicating with a certain piece. I think it is up to the customer who has it hanging on his wall to define what it means to him. But since the people who buy my work are extremely lovely, they write me and tell me what my work means to them. 
Mostly they say it inspired them, brings color to their lives and simply makes them happy.
I couldn't think of a better reaction than that.

I really like your project People in 20 words, what inspired you to start a project like that and what are some of the important things you have learned or discovered from the project.

Thank you for checking that out. I feel bad that I haven't done much lately for this project but I enjoyed it so much when it started. It is one of the many ideas I have to explore the human mind and personality. I worked for television a long time and always wanted to do these Interview-Documentaries, where you get to know a stranger within short time, just by asking the right questions. This is the much smaller but still fun version of that. The most interesting part was to see how differently everyone reacted to the project itself and to the words I had given them. I had so much fun reading the answers and hope I will be able to bring this project back to life next year.

What else are you passionate about besides art?

So many things! I am very much into furniture and fabrics - interior design in general. I am also very passionate about music and singing. I couldn't do a day without music, it's like a thriving tool to me. Then like mentioned before, I am a sucker for good Documentaries and Movies. I love escaping into a new world for a few hours even without leaving your house. And I would like to try shooting one myself one day. I also like to write, but am literally in baby shoes in that field. 
Once I have a little more time I want to explore all these areas more.

Last great song stuck in your head.

John Mayer - If I ever get around to living
"You are hiding in your mind, working all the time, trying to make it better than you got it. And you've been spending all your time searching for a sign that's never gonna look the way you want it."

Top 3 visually inspiring movies.

Exit through the gift shop (inspirational work)
Beautiful Losers (inspirational people)
Dr. Seuss - The Lorax (amazing use of colors)

Where is your favorite spot in Uruguay?

There are many. One of them is the Tristan Narvaja flea market! You can find amazing things there. A lot of old and vintage stuff, great old cameras and furniture pieces, magazines from the 40's & 50's..just a wonderful place full of treasures.

What do you like most about what you do?

I am lucky enough to make a living with something I love doing so passionately. That you can work whenever you want means so much to me since I'm a night owl and normally get started when most people are sleeping. And then it's ok to work really hard and a lot, because you are doing it for no one else but yourself. Being as free as I am right now, is something I didn't know existed, so I never aimed for it. But now that I am living this life, I wouldn't want to trade it for something else.

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