Interview with Miri Ben-Ari

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Today I have a special interview with Grammy Award Winning artist, violinist and producer, Miri Ben-Ari. We talked about her passion for music, collaborations and other topics. Enjoy!

How was your learning experience like when you first started and did you have any major difficulties?

It was very difficult at the beginning, I moved to NY from Israel alone, without my family, 
I hardly spoke English and had to work while in school. It was also challenging to introduce a different approach to the Violin and to become good at this new style. My determination and the endless hours of practice definitely helped.

You have a lot of collaborations, who was your favorite to collaborate with?

I love all of them :) every artist that I collaborated with contributed to my knowledge and experience and each one of my collaborations was magical in a different way. I worked a lot with Kanye West and it was a great learning experience.

What made you to incorporate classical music with modern music?

I am a classically trained violinist, I moved to the US to study Jazz. My ability to improvise and write music helped me to come up with my own original music and style. My collaborations with so many great producers and artist helped me to become a better producer and artist.

What do you think is the power of music.

I LOVE music, it makes me happy, it's like "zen", .
Music is very powerful; it can create bridges between people and communities around the world, it unites and empower people, music can heal your soul and contribute to kids education.

What else are you passionate about besides music.

Philanthropic work, my non for profit organization Gedenk is dedicated to promote awareness and education about the Jewish Holocaust which is very personal cause to me because of my family history. 

Any upcoming projects, you would like to share.

I am so excited about my new campaign with Harman Kardon. I am very much looking forward the "beautiful sound" tour, sponsored by Harman Kardon, my up coming performance is in the NYC Gramercy Theatre and I can not wait to see my New Yorkers! (click here to purchase tickets)

What does creativity mean to you.

Just like i mentioned "zen"; a self expression of the direct insight.

What do you like most about what you do.

I like the fusion of sophisticated art and simply fun :)

Miri Ben-Ari :